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Moderate rain over western Himalayan and southern regions

The Western Disturbance as a cyclonic circulation persists over Afghanistan & neighbourhood extending upto 9.6 Km above mean sea level. Associated cyclonic circulation also persists over southwest Rajasthan & neighborhood extending upto 1.5 Km above mean sea level. In East Rajasthan, continue sowing of mustard, pea, garlic, lentil and planting of potato. Undertake field preparation for sowing of wheat.In West Rajasthan, continue harvesting of groundnut, cotton and sowing of gram,mustard.

Under its influence, scattered to fairly widespread rain/snow is likely over western Himalayan region during 14th-16th November. Isolated heavy rain/snow and thunderstorm/hailstorm also likely over western Himalayan region on 14th & 15th November. Scattered light to moderate rain are expected over coastal saurashtra, Kutch and Tamil Nadu, while light showers in Coastal Andhra Pradesh.In Tamilnadu, past week rainfall and prevailing weather is conducive for root diseases in all crops, to control apply Trichoderma viride2.5 kg/ha mixed with 50 kg FYM to prevent root diseases, after current spells of heavy rain.In Coastal Andhra Pradesh, drain out excess water from sugarcane field. Utilize realized rainfall to undertake sowing of groundnut.

In Haryana, after harvesting of rice, undertake field preparation for sowing of wheat, In Marathwada, continue harvesting of matured cotton, and soybean. In Madhya Pradesh, undertake field preparation for sowing of wheat. Undertake sowing of chick pea, mustard and pea. No significant change in minimum temperatures over northwest India during next 24 hours and temperature may rise by 2-3°C during subsequent 2-3 days. Minimum temperatures likely to fall over east & adjoining central India by 2-3°C during next 3 days.