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Snow/Rain in Jammu Kashmir and rainfall over Southern regions

The Western Disturbance as a cyclonic circulation over Afghanistan & neighbourhood extending between 3.1 & 4.5 km above mean sea level persists. Thunderstorm accompanied with lightning very likely at isolated places over Kerala & Mahe and Tamilnadu, Puducherry & Karaikal. Under its influence, fairly widespread to widespread rain/snow with isolated heavy falls likely over Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh during next 24 hours. Spray of Imidacloprid 17.8 % SC@ 1.0 ml / 3 lit of water is recommended against white flies and other sucking pests in all crop and vegetables when sky is clear.

Thunderstorm accompanied with lightning very likely at isolated places over Coastal Andhra Pradesh, South Interior Karnataka, Rayalseema, Kerala & Mahe and Tamilnadu, Puducherry & Karaikal during next 48 hours. Present prevailing weather conditions are favourable for Brown plant hopper (BPH) infestation. Immediately drain out water, go for spraying with Pymetrozine @ 0.6 g/l or Etofenprox @2 ml/l or monocrotophos @ 2.2 ml/l. Intercultural operations are carried out 30 days after sowing, or spray the wheat crop with 1 kg 2-4D or 8gm metasulfuron methyl in 300 litre of water. Apply 20 kg N per acre as top dressing 30 days after sowing. Since sufficient rainfall has been received in the recent past. So farmers are advised to take up the sowing of chickpea cultivation. Before sowing of chickpea, the required seed rate(20-25kg) is treated with100 gm of Trichoderma & 500 gm of Rhizobium.

Weather is likely to be dry during the period in Haryana. Shallow to moderate fog likely at a few places on 16th & 17th during morning/evening in the state. It is optimum time to sow root crops like radish, turnip and carrot. Use 2 kg seed for turnip and 4 kg seed for carrot and radish per acre. Before sowing, treat the seed with Captan or Thiram @ 3 g per kg of seed. Minimum temperatures very likely to rise by 2-3°C during next 2 days over northwest India. No significant change in minimum temperature over west & central India during next 48 hours and fall by 2-3°C during subsequent 2-3 days. No significant change in minimum temperature over rest of the country during next 2-3 days.

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