Chhattisgarh government to launch new Rs 2500 per quintal scheme for paddy.

The Chhattisgarh government will launch a new scheme to pay Rs 2500 per quintal to farmers for procuring paddy. MThe budget provisions worth over Rs 4546 crore for the second supplementary budget 2019-20 were passed with a voice vote. With the passage of the second supplementary budget, the size of the main budget for the financial year 2019-20 has swelled to Rs 1,04,787 crore. A new scheme will be launched to provide Rs 2500 per quintal to farmers against paddy procurement as per the Congress’ poll promise, Baghel said. The minimum support price for paddy will be given to farmers as per the rate fixed by the Center (Rs 1815 per quintal for common grade paddy and Rs 1835 per quintal for Grade A paddy) while in order to pay the farmers the difference amount to make it Rs 2500 per quintal.