Maize prices in chhindwara mandi gaining pace

Maize in chhindwara mandi is now slowly gaining prices. Dry and shiny maize is in good demand. The auction started at Rs 1750 per quintal while traders bought some heaps of maize for up to Rs2050 per quintal. While traders bought some heaps of maize for up to Rs 2050 per quintal. Farmers got maximum price up to Rs 1995 per quintal. Despite of affected production in the district due to high demand prices are now getting more than Rs1700 per quintal There is a record arrival of maize in khandawa agriculture produce market in Madhya Pradesh. o far 95 thousand quintals of maize have been purchased by Delhi , Bangalore and chinddwara and local traders in the auction. Many traders have started stocking good quality maize with the expectation that prices will continue to rise . Due to good demand and lack of supply of good quality maize, the prices of maize are likely to remain strong.

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