Maize Report

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, for the current Kharif season, till August 5, maize has been sown in the country in 75 lakh 75 thousand hectares as against 76 lakh 34 thousand hectares last year, in which Telangana has sown till August 3 on 5 lakh 76 thousand hectares of last year. The sowing of 2 lakh 81 thousand 900 hectares decreased against 160 acres to 21 lakh 205 acres and in Gujarat till August 1, 2 lakh 87 thousand 411 hectares and in Rajasthan sowing increased to 9 lakh 32 as compared to last year's 7 lakh 84 thousand 320 hectares. It has been done in thousand 780 hectares and according to the sources, if we look at the mathematics of sowing of three states, then there is no shortage in sowing. There is about 2 months left for the start of the upcoming season in the country and the stock of goods is depleting at a fast pace and there will be a shortage of dry goods till the end of October. As the moisture content of the goods remains high after harvesting, poultry industry needs dry goods till the end of November. Due to these circumstances market is expected to remain steady for the next two months.

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