Spices Market Report

Lalmirch: The market will remain strong Due to reduction in the arrival of red chilli in Guntur line and all-round demand, there was a rise of Rs. 1000 per quintal, due to which Teja goods became Rs. 25500 per quintal. Markets were closed in Warangal, Duggirala and other mandis due to reduced supply and increased buying by stockists. Seeing the decrease in production, there are chances of further increase in red chillies. Turmeric: No risk in business Despite the low production of turmeric, selling pressure is building up throughout the week due to high old stock and heavy losses to turmeric traders. This is the reason that Erode was sold below Rs.68/70 per kg from the cold store, but due to bad weather for 3 days and less goods coming from the producer mandis, market was increased by Rs.100 to trade at Rs.7100 in the market. Coriander : sell goods at higher prices Coriander prices have increased by Rs 600 to Rs 7800/7900 per quintal of Badami goods due to bad weather and all-round buying by stockists at lower prices. Agri India, we believe that the stockists are buying now, due to which the market will increase by Rs 300/400, but we should keep selling the goods at the increased price, because this time the production is bumper and the productivity per hectare has also increased. Black Pepper: No more scope to decrease Although black pepper of rigging is continuously coming down, due to this the market is resting on the goods below Rs.520/525 per kg. Medium goods are being sold for Rs.540 in Cochin. Due to strictness in the border mandis, the market will jump from here. Because even in Vietnam the prices have gone high. On the other hand, even from the Assam line, now they have started speaking loudly, due to which the business seems profitable from here. Cumin: Still more growth possible The stockists buying is going on for the last one week at lower rates of cumin, while the news of decrease in cumin per hectare productivity due to bad weather has started coming from Kutch and Banaskantha line. We believe that there has been a bumper production of cumin, but in the crops that are currently standing in the fields, there is an estimate of a decrease in yield by Rs 20 to 30. On the other hand, the stockists have come in for all-round buying, that's why there has been a rise of Rs 8 to 10 per kg in the producer mandis. Here also the price of urad has increased by Rs 1200 /- 1300 to Rs 32000/33000 per quintal. And now there is a further increase of 1000 rupees. Large cardamom market will remain strong In large cardamom, demand has started coming on the lower price, due to which the market increased by Rs. 10 to Rs. 650 per kg in the evening. Significantly, there is still a whole year left for the new crop to come. On the other hand, production in Nepal is less this time. On the other hand, the cheap big cardamom which used to come from Bhutan is also coming less this time, under these circumstances the market will increase further.

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