Rice market gain momentum

After the record rise in paddy and rice of all Basmati varieties, selling profit booking was suppressing the market for a few days, but due to the export deal yesterday, all-round buying by the exporters has started, due to which the market of all Basmati varieties rincreased by Rs. 100 per quintal. At this time 1718 Sella rice has been sold for Rs.7900, 1509 is trading at Rs.7700/7750. Some businessmen also started talking about 7800 rupees. Similarly, the trend of 1121 paddy and rice remains bullish and may increase further in the market. Here, more coarse rice are coming in the Sasaram line, the sale of paddy has also increased in the mandis around Mughalsarai, Mirzapur. We expect that the market may increase further by Rs 200 - 300.

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