Slow down due to increase in arrival of rice and paddy

The pressure of new 1509 paddy has increased in the markets of Haryana, Punjab and UP. At present the daily arrival is 4.5-5 lakh bags. On the other hand, due to stoppage of export of para-boiled rice recently, a decline of Rs 200/400 per quintal was recorded in all types of Basmati rice, new and old. Although old paddy is not available in the markets, other paddy apart from 1509 will also start arriving after 15 days. At the same time, due to weak domestic demand, no businessman wants to stop the goods and is busy in selling them. On the other hand, there is a ban on exporting at prices less than $1200, due to which there is little scope for export of Basmati rice in the near future due to the possibility of export being less in the next few days.

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