Wheat - Market slow due to tender goods

The government has been selling wheat in the open market through OMSS on a weekly basis for the last 4 months, but due to non-availability of wheat as per capacity and supply of flour and semolina to the roller floor mills and flour mills, at the beginning of this month, wheat was being sold in the open market through OMSS. The rise continued till 2017, but due to the government selling flour at Rs 27.50 per kg in the open market and also increasing the quantity in the tender, the market fell by Rs 150 from the above price to Rs 2750. Lower quality goods are being sold at 2725 and the uptrend has ended for the next few days. The prices have decreased by Rs 50/60 from last week's gap to Rs 2740/2750 per quintal here. Recently, the government increased the limit for purchase of roller floor mills from 100 tonnes to 200 tonnes weekly. There was a decline of Rs 50 to 75 per quintal in the producer markets also. There is a possibility of some slow days due to change in the sales policy of the government.

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