More maize sowing in Bihar, Bengal, Punjab and Haryana

In order to reduce the import of petrol, the Government of India has given subsidy on setting up factories for making anthol from maize, millet and Nakku rice. 80/85 factories for making anthol from maize, millet and Nakku rice are being set up, which 50/55 factories have become operational. Last year, due to setting up of more Anthol factories in the country, farmers in Bihar got higher prices for maize than other crops. According to the Managing Director of Agriculture Board of Bihar Government, due to good weather in Bihar this year, maize has been sown in 21/22% more area than last year. Due to increase in early sowing of maize in Bihar this year, it will start arriving from March 20/25. According to the traders of Bihar and Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Ludhiana, Kolkata, advance deals for April and May delivery have started in the maize market. Due to the launch of new maize mill in Bihar, the spot demand for maize is weak. If the arrival of maize from Bihar increases, the spot price of maize may decline by 400/500. According to our Assam sources, the maize crop will yield excellent yield. Now the harvesting of the new maize crop has started. New maize has been launched in the market in Assam mandis. In Punjab, maize production increased by 18 to 20% in Hoshiarpur, Nawa city, Jalandhar, Ropar, Khanna Patiala Ferozepur, Barnala districts and in Panchkula, Ambala, Kurukshetra, Yumna Nagar, Karnal, Kaithal districts of Haryana by 17/18% compared to last year. Is The early crop of new maize in Punjab will start arriving in the market from May 20. Due to the high bread maize of Punjab, it has become the first choice for poultry feed and anthol manufacturers.

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