Potato prices rises, what will be the future?

Potato rates are continuously increasing. In some states, potato has crossed Rs 26 per kg. It is being told that the price is increasing due to the difference between demand and supply. At the same time, experts say that due to unseasonal rains in the month of November last year, there was a lot of damage to the potato crop. This has led to a decline in production. This is the reason why prices are continuously increasing. a Data from the Department of Consumer Affairs shows that the all-India retail price of potato was Rs 26 per kg on Saturday. Whereas till a month ago potatoes were being sold for Rs 20 per kg. The special thing is that even in Odisha the price of potatoes has gone up. The price of one kg potato there has become Rs 30. Traders said potato prices are expected to remain high as overall production is likely to be low this year. According to the agriculture ministry's first advance estimates for 2023-24 released earlier this year, potato production in 2023-24 is expected to fall to around 58.99 million tonnes from around 60.14 million tonnes last year.

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